Apple Leopard 10.5

Nicholas Creevy asked:

the new apple leopard os x.


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  1. moonrakerdrax Says:

    doggy behaves now

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  2. Stephen Colangelo Says:

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    i know that!

  3. Stephen Colangelo Says:


    so then im right! jeesus why didnt you just say that!

  4. ripdog Says:

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    You little sad boy, this is a early development build of Leopard. It is
    accessible through Apples developer connection, developer (dot)apple (dot)
    com. However, to get access to development builds, you must purchase a
    subscription. I know how to get them for free, but i am not telling you, as
    letting whining crybabies like you loose on the ***** scene will just
    degrade it. Besides, Leopard will be released in 8 days, just wait a bit,
    and get the final one.

  5. ripdog Says:

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    “Already”. Its a file transfer screen.

  6. ripdog Says:

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    Because it is PART of the Leopard installation. God, have you EVER
    installed Mac OS X before? YOU WILL SEE THAT SCREEN!

  7. Stephen Colangelo Says:

    UPULL Auto

    im not a whiner i just wanted to know ok… i would like to know how to get
    this if you will. but if you dont its ok

  8. Nelson Balaban Says:


    nicks a loosa haha

  9. Stephen Colangelo Says:

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    wtf this isnt leopard its tiger *******! your video ******!!!!!

  10. Stephen Colangelo Says:


    TELL ME where can i get this for free!!!

  11. PRocker267 Says:

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    Everyone thats saying this is tiger, STFU! Leopard is still beta and Apple
    is concentrating on more important parts of the OS instead of the welcoming
    cosmetics, it CLEARLY said 10.5 on the cube. YES it was the tiger logo but
    because apple has not got around to changing that video yet, fucking n00bs.

  12. ripdog Says:

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    Its PART of the leopard installation, but it specifically deals with
    transferring **** from other macs. File transfer screen.

  13. ipodguru22 Says:

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    hey if i get that file, will it still have all my files if i install it?

  14. Stephen Colangelo Says:

    package #

    then why does it say leopard instalation *******!!!!!!!

  15. jackpierce10 Says:

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    anyone like to explain why i found this hacked version of tiger because
    they sa 10.5 on a TIGER, X Logo and thats tiger not leopard

  16. thecast: life video blog Says:


    That is leopard, it is true. Leopard has been leaked in beta form in P2P
    communities and it looks exactly like that.

  17. Cheesepuff0005 Says:

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    yes please tell us .. thats cool

  18. TheBeastMoe Says:

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  19. Stephen Colangelo Says:

    doggy behaves now

    okay how did you get it then when it is suppose to be out in october!!!

  20. ArtemissimetrA Says:

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    It did say Mac OS 10.5 X Getting started on the first side of the cube. Not

  21. wiiwouldliketoplaymi Says:


    Macbooker4444, he either got it of the internet, or went to wwdc 2007. but
    this is tiger

  22. Stephen Colangelo Says:

    laptop batts

    dude its tiger!