Apple Leopard!

karpadiem asked:

Leopard (Apple OS X 10.5) is here!!

is the money still there?

20 Responses to “Apple Leopard!”

  1. pink2921 Says:

    New Site

    Lol…Mark scared me at the end..

  2. savageprincess18 Says:

    forex converter

    ok nevermind, its an operating system. Like Windows for PC….. haha….
    I’m so stupid! =)

  3. yamisigninup2utube Says:

    Thats Cute

    not a clue what leopard is….. but go you! 😛

  4. Uncle Saboin Says:

    Brazil Lodging

    I can’t wait to see the video. I really want to know if it’s worth the
    price for the upgrade. I have Tiger.

  5. DyLaN12346 Says:


    umm…what is lepard?! lol

  6. Sparkey93 Says:

    New Site

    lol u look excited!! XD whats leopard?

  7. CaviarDreamer Says:

    New Site

    the ending scared me.. like seriously i jumped

  8. savageprincess18 Says:

    lean to read

    He’s Jakes best friend from church…. Mark. I think thats correct….?? 😉
    anyway, leopard is a video editing program right?

  9. boontok Says:

    u pull u save

    Sorry, I do that all too often!

  10. boontok Says:

    LCD TV

    WOOOOHOOOOO! Uh, what’s a lee-oh-pard?

  11. Jazzy Ruska Says:

    New Site

    *sigh*he scared at the end :O

  12. Rohan Salmond Says:

    Big Payoffs

    You Apple fanboy, you.

  13. PurpleReign Says:

    Credit Updates

    O MA GAWWDD YOU GOT IT?!?! WOOOOHOOOO im still waiting for mine….as
    s0o0o0o0o0on as i get tha money…….

  14. gtatec9 Says:


    gah scary guy!

  15. wildkillz1 Says:

    New Site

    I bet u 10 bucks this guy is ***. and they have **** *** a lot

  16. FGAlxPx Says:


    🙂 Cool. That’s some computer stuff, eh? 😉

  17. boontok Says:

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    The answers to all which are in front of me The ultimate truth started to
    get blurry For some strange reason it had to be It was all a dream about

  18. Raphy Beltre Says:

    New Site

    no sean tan infantiles

  19. Uncle Saboin Says:

    Reverse Lookup

    Argh! You just tricked me into subscribing to Mark.

  20. Gustavo Díaz Says:

    cali college

    Slut Mouth! poser!