First look at Apple Leopard features

ocsmike asked:

Very first impressions of some Leopard features… as posted on my Detroit Free Press Tech blog (

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  1. mavericks417 Says:

    oh i gotcha
    thanks so much

  2. Jboy761 Says:

    drag a folder to the dock from finder.

  3. mavericks417 Says:

    i dont get how to do the stacks

  4. tolgakocak Says:


  5. Jdawg279 Says:

    yes you can macs are normal computers they just have their own software thats different from windows software.

  6. kerry2726 Says:

    can u go on the internet on that?

  7. armaanrulz Says:

    plz sum1 reply-can i use the leopard disc for only 1 comp on more than 1 mac?

  8. rudy742 Says:

    nice video!

  9. stevensons Says:

    Do you get a blue screen for says like 5 seconds before the desktop appears on leopard. I am reinstalling leopard on a clean install to see if that gets rid of it.

  10. danceswithrats Says:

    hi there,
    Did you run an upgrade or clean install?