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25 Responses to “MAC OS 10.5 LEOPARD”

  1. Alex4744 Says:

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    Lmao I know were is everyone geting Leopard? Do they like work for apple or

  2. baEaglei1 Says:

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    they probably have the developer version. its unfinished

  3. Millahtime Says:

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    Also do you know how many actual Windows PCs out there are powerful enough
    to play Crysis? probably less than 1 percent, hardly anybody can run that
    game, so don’t just include Macs BUT, if you were a gamer, Leopard has a
    feature called “Boot Camp” where you can actually install a separate
    partition with Vista and run it native just like a normal PC. But Macs are
    known for being great with video and photo editing, both of which benefit
    greatly from a fast processor, which means youre a jackass

  4. F Slo Says:


    I am not a Mac basher. I respect the merits of Mac PC’s and Windows PC’c. I
    just don’t have a need for the merits of a Mac. It has been proven that Mac
    PC’s cost almost twice as much as an equally equipped Windows PC. The only
    Mac PC that can be upgraded with anything besides new RAM is the Mac Pro
    which is quite expensive for what you get. You can upgrade almost any
    Windows PC hardware even on Notebooks.

  5. ramin987 Says:


    Yes, when you purchase Leopard you can simply insert the disk and there is
    an option to just upgrade the OS. All your files and apps will be the same.
    But still, have a backup just incase.

  6. RayneMarina Says:

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    oh yeah, they make the air, which is a piece of crap for $3000 which has
    basically nothing u can be proud of, just a stupid worthless design. get a
    eee-pc, i bet it works just as good as any mac, and that is only $400 and u
    can run your leopard or the previous version

  7. Alfonso Morabito Says:

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    too fast

  8. Austin Ramsay Says:

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    Woo Hoo! I can’t explain how much I love Macs! Any kind, Vintage to Modern
    day computers! LONG LIVE ALL MACS!!!

  9. FTrain4750 Says:

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  10. pablodonate Says:

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    windows vista is the bomb…. well it use to be…. i want a mac [:

  11. lupolupiana Says:

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    thats liger dude

  12. Stephen Colangelo Says:

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    VISTA ***** ****!

  13. Nicklas Millard Says:

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    Vista is bullshit compared with Leopard.. 1. Macs are not more expensive
    than PCs, because when u buy a pc it’s like 7000-1000DKK. ($1 = 4,5DKK).
    But you cannot just have the PC alone, along you have to buy games to it,
    which costs about 500DKK each. and then you have to buy all the expensive
    Microsoft programs and Anti-virus programs. In total PC is much more
    expensive to have than a Mac.. Did I mention that you also have to
    constantly buy new hardware, if u wanna play the new games?

  14. Mike Bruton Says:

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    It took him 5mins to open some windows and play a video and then a song.
    What else was useful?

  15. Stephen Colangelo Says:

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    why are you giveing me the thumbs down vista ***** leopard is better!

  16. Alfonso Morabito Says:

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    I don’t know…

  17. e7sasjded Says:


    how do you compare leopard vs vista?

  18. chickenrun333 Says:

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    do you install it to an origional imac?..or do you buy the mac with the OSX
    thngy…(new to mac)….and does a time machine softwear come with a square
    like object thingy? i saw it on a trailer thing…replay plz

  19. PurityofEssence Says:


    Meh, the whole “spaces” thing isn’t that big of a deal. Linux has had that
    feature for awhile now.

  20. chickenrun333 Says:

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  21. Millahtime Says:


    Lol shows how much of a dumbass you are. Gaming is the only thing that
    utilizes a fast processor?? LMAO thats seriously one of the dumbest things
    I’ve ever heard. The PC gaming community is so small and insignificant in
    comparison to the whole PC population, that Intel wouldn’t even waste their
    time if only gamers benefitted from it. Hmm maybe Photoshop does? Oh yea,
    and the Air is 1800…so sorry but your way off douchebag.

  22. LTU932 Says:


    Yeah, I have noticed the same. I run Leopard and Vista on my black Macbook
    and since I ran Bootcamp to install Vista, I have realised how much of a
    resource hog it is. Just having Office 2003 and IE open, Vista even wastes
    much more battery power than Safari and iTunes on Leopard. However since I
    need to use Office, Vista is a necessary evil on my Macbook, because on my
    other computer, I only run XP for gaming.

  23. Jordan Nelson Says:

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  24. GenCollado Says:

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  25. Herbert Concepcion Says:


    It is so MAC! I mean Awesome!!!