Mac OS X 10.5.2 Update – Apple’s Leopard OS

Armin Talic asked:

Follow me on twitter: TechnoBuffalo; Hey Guys & Gals. This is a 6 minute run through of what’s new in Leopard 10.5.2. The…

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25 Responses to “Mac OS X 10.5.2 Update – Apple’s Leopard OS”

  1. Armin Talic Says:


    You’re welcome to unsubscribe. I know for a fact that the sound in the
    video is as good as possible using the MBP. Im sorry that you feel that way.

  2. Armin Talic Says:

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    I’ve noticed improvements to overall stability in the last 2 hours. Which
    is awesome.

  3. mii284 Says:

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  4. JTCX Says:

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    your too polite. is that possible?

  5. lisa-john joe Says:


    I use a mac book pro, which originally came with Tiger. I upgraded to
    Leopard when it came out. After I install 10.5.2 from Software update, the
    Finder disappeared!!! Can anyone tell me why that is?

  6. alistairstuart2009 Says:

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    hi i dont know much about macs but how would i upgrade from osx 10.2 to
    10.3 (i have a imac g3 all in one) thanks

  7. Mark Escobar Says:

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    lol it happened the exact same thing to me…i just waited and mine
    restarted twice?? WOW this is way faster than the old one i really saw a
    difference on safari

  8. ramin987 Says:


    Of course you were…

  9. Aziz Humraz Says:

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    Hey, do you guys know if I can upgrade mac os x 10.4.1 to mac os x 10.5.2?
    I bought the CD from Ebay and tried many times to install it on my
    powerbook g4 but it doesn’t run, do you guys have any idea how to do this?
    i looked everywhere in every sites but no success.

  10. CrashIsGeek Says:

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    well said “phlatball96!!!” and i wouldn’t be call Ecko a noob. if you knew
    things you would know that X is the roman numeral FOR 10! k? **** to be
    mean on you but when it comes to defending a good person and who i guess
    you could call my friend, Ecko… i mite get a LITTLE mad!

  11. BoyZain Says:

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    yeah thats what happen to me

  12. uTubeuser231 Says:

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    It always does a double-start with Mac OS X 10.5 updates. My guess is that
    it’s a new part of the update process. Any thoughts/guesses on why it may
    need to do this?

  13. Damian Wright Says:

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    how do i update from 10.4.11 to 10.5 cuz my ipod touch 4g wont sync to
    itunes plz help someone!

  14. Lele665 Says:


    I got the 2 restarts to.

  15. CrashIsGeek Says:

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    I wouldn’t say, “to polite!” lol. i actually learned that from Ecko! people
    would sometimes give me trouble on my videos and i would fight with them.
    now i just say things like Ecko! and… this is one of the best sounding
    eckofish videos! really clear sound! and dont have to turn the volume up to
    an unreasonable level!

  16. Justin Lucke Says:

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    same here, i scared me to death lol 😛

  17. ramin987 Says:


    He’s ridiculous! Some people just don’t care. Someone unsubscribed from me
    for making too many videos :O – well, I was making more than usual, but
    still. Quite pathetic, really! I think your videos are great! 🙂

  18. ramin987 Says:

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    Me too, LOL. Mine was 341MB, along with the 46MB Graphic Update. The double
    reboot scared me a bit too.

  19. dxalfredo Says:


    ohh, ok thank you.

  20. alfonso cruz Says:

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    @azizafzaly yeah i want to update my powerbook g4 too.. how much was your
    cd? did you update your mac yet?

  21. dxalfredo Says:

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    hey your new video doesn’t work. What is wrong?!?

  22. Blaziken584 Says:

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    You get a Panther CD(10.3) and hit install.

  23. Juan Machuca Says:

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    lmfao i was kiding jezus christ.

  24. Snipereye64 Says:

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    mine restarted twice too

  25. nikeeweston Says:

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    you sound fine no idea what cartmanufatazz is on about, u r v v v clear and
    concise and the volume is v v good, keep it up :O)